Bodies co-regulate,
Brains co-illuminate!

During human communication two (or more) brains will fall into 'brain activity alignment' with each other.
This is one of the powerful ways we learn and evolve together as humans.

Service Descriptions

Coaching is essentially a transformative conversation. Aiming to: shed light on obstacles, reveal options, and dismantle outdated and unhelpful thoughts/rules/'truths'.

A conversation that usually leaves us with more insight, capacity, and access to our genuine personal resources.


Is a process that is a mix of coaching, and 'passed on' experience and knowledge.

Some moments may be like training, or consultation where you ask questions.

The three areas Julia is most often asked for mentoring are in neurodiversity, business, and parenting.

Therapeutic Play

For adults and children, this is a safe, low-pressure, supported, relational and healing practice.

Many of us, and especially Neurodivergent individuals 'carry' the impacts of past experiences.

Without having to explain or explore in words, Therapeutic Play helps us release the energy and burden of those experiences, without the risk of re-traumatising.


Occasionally useful for everyone, and often useful to individuals and families early in their neurodivergence journey.

Receiving and understanding a diagnosis can help us. Or it can leave us with more questions, undermine our sense of self, or both.

Understanding how our brain and neurology work in relation to our health, environment, and social interactions, can help us make sense of our experience, instincts, and options.

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'We-Q', not IQ, for the win!

(and How On Earth did coaching for my business help me do the washing up???)

Whether we are happy, healthy, safe, or not,
 our brains are prediction machines that love to save energy by keeping us on 'tried and tested' pathways, and repeating them.
  -  Even unhappy pathways that can keep us low in mood or limited in our life.

It can be hard to break out of those old pathways. Especially when we are surrounded by other people's brains that wish to maintain their own predictable patterns.

Coaching, mentoring, therapeutic play, and psychoeducation, are all great ways to free-up the misplaced energy our brain uses to repeat old patterns.

And when we DO shift out of those patterns, the extra freed-up energy becomes our personal resource - to use as we wish - a state of genuine creativity and resilience...

...and strangely for me, super-easy-to-do-washing-up  X)

Hihi! I'm Julia :) 

and I'd love to lend the power of my brain to yours.

    If you are:
  • Feeling trapped in a cycle of burnout, shut-downs, or meltdowns
  • Are 're-learning' about yourself, and life, after discovering your neurodivergence
  • Wanting to fully re-engage in, and explore and build your life, your way.
  • Or just stuck in thought patterns, or habits, YOU want to change.

  then accessing some extra brain power can help. Massively!

My neurodivergence, reflective art, therapeutic activities, many years of training, deep learning and thinking, can be of use to you and truly help create unexpected possibilities in the space where our two brains meet. 

"Julia, you are fierce, hilarious, and still the most compassionate human I have ever met!"


New brains in our life create new patterns within us...

When 'working things out' - trying to change our life, and manage that transformation - it can be powerful to think things through with another human. It makes new ideas more acheivable and more concrete.
Attuned conversations bring new patterns of brain activity, rapidly creating new connections and pathways for our brain to move forward, differently, with greater ease. 

And, knowing another mind is on your journey with you makes everything (even things you face alone) easier.

"I came to work with Julia because of general overwhelm and anxiety... It's opened a lock that is allowing me to safely move forward." 




Julia, I think you have extraordinary clarity when you're dealing with people, you're incredibly focused, although you might not think so! You're actually very clever at coming in to find that Achilles heel - and mine was one which a number of other people who coached me on the same sort of topic had failed to find.

I think whoever gets you as a coach will be very gratified. I think they'll be very well served.

You're lovely. You’re so relaxing. But actually, you just get there.

Designer and Coach


I came to work with Julia because of general overwhelm and anxiety and was surprised by the connection, and the progress I made.

I discovered deep seated truths about myself that I have never been able to uncover before. It's opened a lock that is allowing me to safely move forward.

Julia creates a safe non judgemental space that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. She makes it easy to open up and dive deeper. I look forward to learning more about myself.

Neurodivergent Parent


Without any hesitation I would recommend Julia as a coach. I found her incredibly supportive and insightful. She skilfully enabled me to think through matters in my own way.

Julia helped me identify and calibrate to some of my biggest challenges.

I now have a mindset and strategy as how best and effectively to address them. I am extremely grateful to Julia for this.

Founder and Director


I met with Julia to ask for her advice concerning the research design for my doctoral project...

Julia clarified all of my questions and her expert advice will greatly enrich the program in question ...and the researcher !!!

Julia is also a vibrant and generous person. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her services.

PHD candidate
Art Therapist &
Lecturer at L'UQAT

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Work with me:

Outside the Box, Inside Your Truth. Image is a stylish illustration with a human represented half inside a box in black and with, and half in vibrant swirling colours, surrounded by swirling colours eminating from the humans mind once outside the box. Illustration created and edited by Julia Harris and DALL-E

Outside the Box,
Inside Your Truth

In a world where we know that being different has often meant struggling to fit in, this outstanding, one-to-one, 13-week journey is designed specifically for Neurodivergent individuals.

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Three figures representing different expereinces of emotions  sit quietly as if in meditation - each figure is illustrated as a unique blend of linework and colours - one completely black and white with colours swirling around their head, one with black and white clouds around their head and colourful deep space illustations on their chest, the last figue completely filled and surrounded by swirling colours. The co=illuminated logo appears in the bottom left. The artwork was created and edited by JuliaArtsJulia and DALL-E to representing Julia's 'Beyond the Seen Within the Felt' experiential program exploring emotions for neurodivergent individuals.

Beyond the Seen, Within the Felt

6 short, simple, impactful experiences developing sense of emotions. 
Empowering for both emotionally sensitive, and alexithymic individuals.

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Two brightly coloured figuges sit explaining things to one another, the image is full of light representing recognition, and two connected brains float above them.

Neurodivergence Mentoring

Find Your Way!
Whether you are newly diagnosed, gradually recognising yourself as neurodivergent, or a few years into your journey

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An illustration of two figures talking, listening, and attuning to each other - represented in bright swirling colours that bothe differ an mimic each other in a process of exchange, The Co-illuminated logo of two brains lighting up appears above them within the cloud of colurs surrounding the conversation, which is surrounded by clouds of black and white toward the outer edges of the image. image created and edited by JuliaArtsJulia of Complex Strengths and DALL-E

Co-illuminated Coaching with Julia

Life can be over-full! Coaching takes us from 'cluttered mind' to creative thought. Transforming us even amongst all the seeming demands.

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